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The Power of Being "Self-Full" Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast

Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast

Welcome to the "Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast" hosted by the insightful Tamika Peters. In this enlightening episode, Tamika engages in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nicole King-Smith, the visionary founder of NK Enterprise Consulting. Dr. King-Smith, a trailblazer in her field, brings a wealth of experience to the table as the head of NK Enterprise Consulting, a certified minority woman-owned business specializing in transformative workforce solutions.

Throughout the episode, Tamika and Dr. King-Smith delve into a crucial yet often overlooked topic – self-care for nonprofit leaders. They explore the concept of being "self-full" and discuss how nonprofit leaders can strike a balance between their dedication to their organization's mission and the essential need to prioritize self-care. Dr. King-Smith's insights shed light on the significance of self-care not only as a personal practice but also as a strategic imperative to sustainably drive social impact.

For nonprofit leaders seeking to enhance their well-being while making a meaningful difference, this episode is a must-listen. Dr. Nicole King-Smith's expertise provides valuable insights that can elevate leadership journeys. To learn more about NK Enterprise Consulting, its impactful solutions, and how to connect with Dr. King-Smith, visit their website at

By tuning in to this episode of the "Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast," listeners can take the first step towards leading with authenticity, purpose, and self-fullness. It's an opportunity to prioritize well-being while continuing to drive impactful change within their organizations and communities.


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