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FutureMakers Coalition: "Workplaces: Equity and Cultural Competence" Podcast

FutureMakers Coalition: "Workplaces: Equity and Cultural Competence" Podcast

In this episode, we are honored to welcome Dr. Nicole King-Smith, a distinguished culture consultant certified in fostering equity and cultural competence within both private and public sector organizations. With a keen focus on driving generational change, Dr. King-Smith passionately discusses the evolving landscape of our region's future skilled workforce and emphasizes the imperative for organizations to proactively establish inclusive practices to effectively integrate the incoming talent pool.

Amid the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, Dr. King-Smith sheds light on the remarkable adaptations witnessed within the workforce, particularly within the hospitality and tourism industry. She offers invaluable advice for individuals in these sectors who have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, providing insights into navigating the evolving professional landscape.

Delving into her extensive equity work, Dr. King-Smith provides deep insights into her pivotal role on the FutureMakers Equity Action Team. She candidly shares her perspectives on the prevalent racial and ethnic disparities within her field, highlighting the critical need for concerted efforts to address and rectify these inequities.

Furthermore, Dr. King-Smith generously offers practical tips and invaluable guidance for organizations seeking to implement and uphold equity practices, drawing from her wealth of experience and expertise in driving meaningful cultural transformation.

Dr. Nicole King-Smith's illuminating discourse encompasses a wide spectrum of crucial topics, ranging from the future of our workforce to the resilience of industries in the face of adversity, making this episode a must-listen for professionals and organizations committed to fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces.


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