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Generational Culture
- Let's Talk Generations

"Let's Talk Generations" includes a CultureTalk Assessment and an interactive training session designed to deepen your knowledge of generational cultures. Through an exploration of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials), and Gen Z, this session outlines each generation's defining characteristics, timeframes, and cultural values, providing a solid foundation for understanding their major societal impact. Additionally, you will gain insights into workplace expectations unique to each generation, enabling you to foster effective communication and collaboration across generational divides.

Learning Outcomes


Explore generational cultures (Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z) with defining traits, values, and timelines.

Use CultureTalk Assessment for self-awareness and cultural insights.


Grasp multigenerational workforce dynamics, age gaps, and diverse perspectives.


Reflect on biases, promoting open-mindedness across generations.


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