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Identify Generation Gaps

How Nicole Identifies Generational Gaps in Your Organization

Through a Baseline Generational Audit for your organization, Nicole evaluates a specific area of focus to assess, validate, and define the unspoken behavioral norms within your organization.​

The objective of this audit is to provide guidance and support your organization in its strategic planning process. This includes conducting a culture audit and developing a customized checklist specifically tailored to your organization, enabling you to effectively measure and track your specific progress toward your goals.​

This audit serves as a fundamental cornerstone that can be leveraged for:​

  • Change management

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Brand positioning

  • Team Interactions

  • Various Initiatives

Speaking at Conference

Approach Nicole's Way

Phase 1: Conduct Generational Consultation & Identify Needs

Phase 2: CultureTalk for Organizations Assessment

Phase 3: Stakeholder Interviews 

Phase 4: Focus Group Workshop 

Phase 5: Strategic Plan 

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