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Dr. Nicole King-Smith: How to Ensure Your Meeting Destination Is Inclusive (Podcast)

How to Ensure Your Meeting Destination Is Inclusive

In today's meeting and convention landscape, fostering a sense of inclusion is increasingly vital, and the choice of destination plays a crucial role in achieving this. The city in which an event takes place can significantly impact the attendees' experience, making the difference between a successful, well-attended gathering and one that fails to attract participants. Creating an atmosphere that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences is essential for event planners. But what exactly defines an inclusive destination, and how can planners collaborate with a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), venue, and other partners to guarantee that their event warmly welcomes all types of visitors?

In a recent episode of Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals, sponsored by Visit Seattle, two experts in inclusive events, Sarah Soliman Daudin, president and CEO of Soliman Productions, and Dr. Nicole King-Smith, owner of NK Enterprise Consulting, provided valuable insights. Sarah Soliman Daudin, who serves as co-chair of MPI Women's Advisory Board and president-elect for MPI Greater Orlando Chapter, and Dr. Nicole King-Smith shared their expertise on selecting a destination and partners that prioritize ensuring all attendees feel welcome.

The podcast delved into the key considerations for event planners when choosing a destination. It emphasized the importance of identifying cities that exude a sense of warmth and inclusivity for individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, the experts discussed the collaborative efforts required between planners and various stakeholders, such as CVBs and venues, to create an environment that embraces and accommodates all attendees.

By listening to this episode, meeting professionals can gain valuable insights into the strategies for selecting destinations and partners that prioritize inclusivity, ultimately leading to events that warmly welcome and engage a wide range of participants.


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