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Minority Supplier Diversity Program

What is the Minority Supplier Diversity Program?

The purpose of this program is to consult and guide companies on launching their minority supplier diversity strategic plan and program.

Why Hire
Nicole for

this Project?

  1. Expert Guidance: Nicole has extensive expertise in this field, helping organizations navigate complex regulatory requirements and implement effective strategies.

  2. Program Development: Nicole will assist in defining program goals, evaluating suppliers, and promoting diversity and inclusion through training, streamlining the development and implementation of successful supplier diversity programs.

  3. Business Advantage: Engaging diverse suppliers can spur innovation, enhance competitiveness, and open new markets. Nicole can identify opportunities for supplier diversity, collaborations with minority-owned businesses, and growth strategies, boosting an organization's reputation and growth potential.

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Nicole's Way & Deliverables

Phase 1
Phase 1 Internal Foundation & Program Infrastructure
Phase 2
Tools, Training, & Tracking
Phase 3
Measuring the Results
Phase 5
Strategic Plan & Next Steps
Phase 4
Marketing & Advocacy
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