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Podcast: How to Confidently Build Your Professional Network with Rachel Tarmen and Dr. Nicole King-Smith

This goes without saying but the landscape of professional networking has definitely changed in 2020. In some ways, building a professional network has never been easier. But adapting to the virtual methods confidently can be a bit overwhelming.


So, how does one confidently build their professional network in a virtual world? Well, if you ask our special guests for this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast, they will tell you that it’s all about getting back to the basics when it comes to building relationships.


Our guests, Dr. Nicole King-Smith and Rachel Tarman and know a thing or two about building your professional network. We discussed a few simple principles that will confidently enhance the quality of your relationships so that you are more likely to open more doors for your brand while increase the impact you create in your network.


Some of the points we discussed in the episode are:


-What are the biggest misconceptions people have about networking and building authentic relationships


-Why it’s important to diversify your network and what are the most effective ways to build strong relationships, within your circle of influence


-How to pivot your networking efforts, even in times of crisis, and still add value to your clients, prospects, and referral partners


About Nicole:


Dr. Nicole King-Smith is CEO and founder of NK Enterprise Consulting, LLC, a company that helps organizations overcome generational differences in their workplace culture.


Dr. King-Smith has worked with several top Fortune 500 organizations and numerous community organizations through partnerships with BWBOEE (Black Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs).


Nicole is an Elaine McLaughlin E-Award recipient and has been a featured speaker at many conferences including Florida Festivals and Events Association (FFEA), World Waterpark Association (WWA), and SWFL Attractions. She has also served on the advisory board for many associations in her local community.


About Rachel:


Rachel Tarman joined the Bates Team at VIP Mortgage following an impressive endeavor in the title industry where she began her journey to becoming a proven and respected leader in the real estate community.  In addition to working in title and escrow, Rachel paved the way for her family’s construction company to be recognized as one of the top small businesses in Scottsdale.


Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, as well as a Master’s degree in Education from Arizona State University.  In her spare time, Rachel enjoys traveling (especially to her home state of Wisconsin), cheering on her Texas Rangers and spoiling her rescued Boxer, Olive! 


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